Roof garden

Fresh and local ingredients beyond the ordinary

Quality food is our passion, and we believe that fresh and local ingredients are the key to an excellent culinary experience.

By changing the experience menu according to the season, we can use the freshest ingredients available from our local producers. This means that every plate is full of freshness and great flavors.

We grow many of our restaurant’s edible flowers, herbs and vegetables on our roof garden in the summer. This ensures fresh ingredients and also allows us to preserve the summer flavors for the winter.

The region’s extensive network of local foragers and fishers is essential to us, although we also pick wild herbs, berries and mushrooms ourselves. Foraging ingredients from local forests is an ecological and tasty way to utilize the flavors of the nearby area.

Our roof garden partner is the Vehmersalmi-based Kaikontarha farm, who provides seedlings for us every spring.